The 9 Best Beauty Tips For Women Over 45 - Martin Baker Orthodontist

The 9 best beauty tips for women over 45

Apply blush on the high cheeks in a small upward sweep to defy gravity apply blush to the apples of your cheeks

The good news is that we probably pluck our eyebrows less as we agehowever we should fill up scant hairs especially tails many ladies dont know to fill in their eyebrow tails strategically fill in your brows

Nude eyeshadow on the lid and behind the brow arch opens up our eyes as our eyelids alter place a medium to dark tone over hooded eyes to view these shadows use eyeshadow to open up your eyes

I suppose advertising and trends affect everyone lipstick with brightness will brighten and nourish your lips so choose bright hues matte lipsticks and bare lips age people avoid a drying lipstick formula

Many give up on eyeliner because its harder to apply when you cant see as well but it gives wonderful definition jahns recommends using a smudging tool or qtip to give a softer look dont give up on eyeliner

Applying foundation using a soft buffer brush like this one from it brushes for ulta 26 to avoid fine wrinkles use a soft buffer brush for foundation

Opening the eye with a soft vanilla lid shade and raising medium and darktoned shadows over the crease makes a big impact apply eyeshadow in small circular motions

Powder might settle in tiny wrinkles and accentuate eye crepeiness splotchy and uneven can also occur invest in cream and liquid products

Any product may be used at any age however some formulae suit older skin better clinique makes great fragrancefree allergytested skincare and cosmetics consider different formulas