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The 9 best fantasy movies of all time lined circle

Lined circle thor 2011 marvels thor combines elements of scifi comicbook action and fantasy featuring norse mythology with a twist and extravagant costume designs reminiscent of flash gordon

Lined circle time bandits 1981 terry gilliams imaginative comedy takes viewers on a timehopping adventure filled with historical figures quirky characters and unexpected twists

Lined circle lost horizon 1937 frank capras adaptation of james hiltons novel transports viewers to the mystical land of shangrila a utopian paradise hidden in the himalayas

Lined circle onward 2020 in a world where magic coexists with modern technology two elf brothers embark on a quest to bring back their deceased father for a day

Lined circle the thief of baghdad 1940 this epic adventure inspired by arabian nights tales follows a young thiefs quest for treasure and redemption

Lined circle black panther 2018 a groundbreaking entry in the marvel cinematic universe black panther celebrates afrofuturism and cultural pride while delivering a thrilling superhero story

Lined circle the goonies 1985 a group of misfit friends embarks on a treasure hunt to save their town from foreclosure encountering danger and adventure along the way

Lined circle pan s labyrinth 2006 guillermo del toros dark fairy tale blends fantasy with the horrors of war following a young girls journey into a mythical labyrinth

Lined circle the purple rose of cairo 1985 woody allens surreal comedy explores the boundary between reality and fantasy when a movie character steps off the screen to interact with a disillusioned housewife