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The 9 best korean movies to watch right now lined circle

Lined circle broker two guys take kids from the churchs baby box where families can leave children to be adopted or reared in an orphanage and broker the adoption black market

Lined circle oldboy park chanwooks vengeance film is legendary after 15 years in captivity oh daesu is liberated and given five days to discover his abductors in this dark and violent picture

Lined circle memories of murder bong joon hos second film memories of murder was his first with song kangho who would appear in parasite his oscarwinning picture

Lined circle decision to leave this romantic thriller from park chanwook the handmaiden follows an insomniac investigator who falls for a widow accused of murdering her husband

Lined circle parasite 2019 this best picture winner follows the kims an impoverished family with enormous hopes striving to escape their basement apartment and rise in society

Lined circle mother another a film from boon joonho this gripping thriller chronicles a mothers efforts to exonerate her learning impaired son from killing a little girl

Lined circle i saw the devil bus driverpsychopathic serial murderer kills a secret agents pregnant fiancée in this action thriller after her body is found the agent becomes obsessed with finding her killer

Lined circle burning is childhood friend who asks him to after her cat while she travels and the mystery man she meets be prepared for surprises

Lined circle the wailing the wailing follows jonggoo a policeman in the secluded korean town of gokseong who risks his life to investigate a mystery ailment that turns victims furious and deadly