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The 9 best movies on hulu this may

White men cant jump 2023 this variation of the woody harrelson classic is a fun sports film for those who are familiar with the original as well as newcomers although there may be too many reboots in the entertainment industry right now

Nomadland 2021 nomadland is a stunning and sceptical story about humanism and the american experience and it was directed by chloƩ zhao who is widely regarded as a brilliant young filmmaker

Akira 1988 akira is a fantastical science fiction adventure that you will want to watch on hulu it is widely considered to be one of the best anime movies of all time it is in neotokyo thirtyone years after the city was destroyed during world war iii

Another round 2020 another round is a film that demonstrates that thomas vinterberg is one of the best directors in the world it is amusing dark and startling all at the same time

Prey 2022 prey is a film that demonstrates that there are excellent new films available on hulu the film follows a young comanche woman as she begins to suspect that her tribe is being attacked by something that is not of this world

How to blow up a pipeline 2023 how to blow up a pipeline is a truly amazing thriller with a strong political bent it follows a group of strangers who join together with the express purpose of damaging a pipeline that delivers oil during the course of the story

No one will save you 2023 no one will save you is a film about an alien invasion that is nearly entirely silent it depicts the narrative of a young woman who lives alone and suddenly finds out that her town is being taken over by aliens

Poor things 2023 poor things which is considered to be one of the best films of 2023 follows the narrative of bella baxter an adult woman who is implanted with the brain of a child and is forced to learn about the world

Anatomy of a fall 2023 after her husbands body is discovered outside their home having fallen from a window above the plot of anatomy of a fall which is widely considered to be one of the best and most constantly debated films