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The 9 best sad movies streaming on max right now

20th century women 2016 20th century women 2016 is a poignant exploration of motherhood womanhood and comingofage in 1970s santa barbara annette bening delivers a standout performance as dorothea

Amy 2015 amy 2015 is a raw and intimate documentary that delves into the life and tragic death of iconic singersongwriter amy winehouse directed by asif kapadia the film offers a candid look at winehouses struggles with fame

Bicycle thieves 1948 bicycle thieves 1948 is a masterpiece of italian neorealism renowned for its portrayal of poverty desperation and moral ambiguity directed by vittorio de sica the film follows the plight of a workingclass man

Crazy heart 2009 crazy heart 2009 is a soulful drama that explores the redemptive power of music and love jeff bridges delivers a careerdefining performance as bad blake a downandout country singer grappling

Definitely maybe 2008 definitely maybe 2008 is a charming romantic comedy that offers a refreshing take on love relationships and the passage of time ryan reynolds stars as will a recently divorced father who recounts

Dope sick love 2005 dope sick love 2005 offers a stark and unfiltered look into the lives of two drugaddicted couples navigating the harsh realities of addiction on the streets of new york city

Eighth grade 2018 eighth grade 2018 captures the poignant and often painful experience of adolescence particularly the struggle to fit in and be accepted during the tumultuous middle school years

Every brilliant thing 2016 every brilliant thing 2016 is a touching and uplifting hbo recording of british comedian jonny donahoes oneman show the performance centers on a young boy who creates a list of things

Fruitvale station 2013 fruitvale station 2013 is a powerful and timely drama based on the true story of oscar grant a young black man who was fatally shot by a transit officer in oakland california