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The 9 best shows on netflix to watch right now the 9 best shows on netflix to watch right now

Evil will alter your perception of prestige television if a procedural about exorcism on streaming services isnt big enough for you the fourth season of robert and michelle kings supernatural drama premieres on paramount on may 23 evil

Baby reindeer a stage drama written and starred by richard gadd is based on a true incident and centers on a mediocre standup comedian named donny gadd baby reindeer

Well always have high school dramas as long as teenagers make stupid errors and hopefully learn from them and heartbreak high which won an international emmy in 2023 is among the best to have been released in the past ten years heartbreak high

This liveaction spinoff of hitoshi iwaakis manga produced by yeon sangho is a scifi horror tv series from south korea that shows all the horrible things that occur when alien parasites invade earth parasyte the grey

What if the talented mr ripleys narrative was told as the terrifying account of a sociopath whose need for deviance drives him to go on a murderous rampage ripley

In his new show the magic prank show justin willman best known for his role as the sorcerer from netflixs magic for humans uses his illusionary abilities to exact delectable revenge the magic prank show

This adaptation of cixin lius epic scifi novel from true bloods alexander woo to game of thrones creators david benioff and db weiss is netflixs largest new series in a long time 3 body problem

With a new lease on life on netflix one of the biggest comedies on television in the 2020s which had the distinct drawback of being a peacock original is producing some of its best work to date girls5eva

Depending on how guarded your youth was the news of avatar the last airbenders liveaction netflix series was either a dream or a nightmare avatar the last airbender