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The 9 creatures that give pythons a hard time

African bullfrog one of the biggest frog species the african bullfrog has a special defense system to ward off predators like pythons it enlarges itself when it feels threatened making it difficult for a python to swallow

Mongoose swift and nimble mongooses are renowned for their capacity to battle and eliminate snakes their quick reflexes enable them to evade a pythons blow and deliver a lethal bite frequently aiming for the head or neck area to render the snake helpless

Civet small nocturnal creatures called civets feed primarily on pythons their nocturnal habits and agility enable them to hunt efficiently while evading discovery by their snake prey

Monitor lizard because of their exceptional climbing abilities monitor lizards may climb trees and take cover in burrows to avoid being pounced by pythons they have the required leverage to climb quickly and evade predators thanks to their powerful legs and claws

Secretary bird this huge predator uses a special kind of hunting technique when it comes to pythons the secretary birds long legs and strong feet allow it to kick with such force that it incapacitates the snake and discourages more attacks

Crocodile although its not a common occurrence crocodiles feed mostly on pythons in watery settings they may easily overwhelm and devour them thanks to their tough scaly skin and powerful teeth

Birds of prey hawks owls and eagles attack pythons especially smaller ones or young ones these birds efficiently kill snakes by using their beaks and keen talons to execute accurate strikes frequently focusing on weak spots

King cobra even though pythons are not usually king cobra food these poisonous snakes nonetheless attack and eat them king cobras have strong enough venom to defeat a python

Wild boar it is well known that wild boars are vicious animals with strong tusks that they can use to either harm or kill a python that tries to attack them they present a difficult target for pythons due to their formidable defensive qualities