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The 9 greatest actors in hollywood history

Michelle yeoh michelle was reintroduced to american viewers in crazy rich asians and everything everywhere all at once

Cicely tyson many millennials remember raul julia as gomez from the addams family although julia began his career as a shakespearean actor in new york

Ben kingsley young audiences may recognize ben kingsley from marvel films like iron man 3 and shangchi and the legend of the ten rings

Rita moreno moreno had tiny roles in 1950s musicals like singin in the rain and the king and i but her oscarwinning role as anita in 1961s west side story was her breakthrough

Lauren bacall born to jewish immigrants in the bronx lauren bacall began modeling as a teenager before making her film debut with humphrey bogart in 1944s to have and have not

Jason robards although not many people know jason robards that is kind of the purpose great actors dont always become famous

Angela bassett angela bassett accomplished the thing a fourdecade acting career she studied acting at yale before working in nyc theater and moved to la in the late 1980s to act

Michael shannon although not wellknown michael shannon has been seen by most people werner herzog deemed shannon the best actor of his generation

Morgan freeman morgan freeman acts at 86 in 1964 sidney lumets the pawn broker introduced freeman as an uncredited character