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The 9 highest alltime grossing films in the us

Starting this list with the film that started the mcu is apt marvel movies existed before this but this one united them the mcus first huge smash made it a cinematic powerhouse for nearly a decade the avengers 2012

You undoubtedly saw grease as a 90s youngster that soundtrack repeated when you were older you rewatched the movie heard greased lightning as an adult grease 1978

Julie andrews performed my fair lady for the stage audrey hepburn was cast in the film despite not singing andrews beat hepburn for best actress my fair lady won best picture in 1964 mary poppins 1964

It was a huge success in addition it earned best picture and tom hanks his second best actor oscar many folks then watched forrest gump thinking it was the ultimate boomer dream forrest gump 1994

The fact that the godfather reached this list is amazing given its r rating few rrated films made the cut however the godfather is more than a big office hit the film earned finest picture and is one of the finest ever the godfather 1972

Before endgame stole the crown avatar was the highestgrossing ever its 15th based on inflation avatar was released during the 3d movie renaissance yet its usually forgotten that increased ticket prices and box office revenue avatar 2009

Since adjusting for inflation doesnt help newer films this is the latest moviegoers were banned from cinemas for months during the covid19 epidemic spiderman no way home 2021

Disney has created many popular films but fantasia is surprising the silent film has classical music and animation mickey mouse played the sorcerers apprentice yet few people speak about this movie fantasia 1940

In this day of comic book and scifi movies its difficult to recall when a serious character study like the graduate was a box office hit a troubled college graduate played by dustin hoffman the graduate 1967