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The 9 most beautiful places in the us

Alabama magnolia springs mail is uniquely delivered by boat yearround in this charming village named for its natural springs and magnolia tree canopy dating back to the late 1700s

Alaska wrangellst elias national park and preserve the largest national park in the us at 13 million acres offering stunning boreal forests glaciers like root glacier and some of the highest peaks in the country

Arizona grand canyon national park arizona s most iconic natural feature known for its breathtaking vistas including havasu falls with its turquoise waters and the scenic horseshoe bend

Arkansas ozarkst francis national forests a haven for outdoor activities featuring ferny oakhickory woods caverns like blanchard springs caverns and numerous trails for hiking and rock climbing

California yosemite national park the nation s thirdoldest park famous for its sierra nevada beauty with granite domes towering sequoias and sheerdrop waterfalls

Colorado garden of the gods known for its lofty sandstone formations ideal for geology enthusiasts and photographers with views of snowy pikes peak framed by red rocks

Connecticut the connecticut shore encompasses charming coastal towns along the long island sound offering a mix of quiet coastal beauty and oldtimey charm

Delaware bombay hook national wildlife refuge one of the largest surviving tidal salt marshes in the region home to diverse wildlife including bald eagles and snowy egrets

Florida everglades national park a unesco world heritage site and international biosphere reserve this 15 millionacre wilderness is home to extraordinary flora and fauna best explored by airboat canoe or bike