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The 9 of the best outdoor dog breeds for people who love morning walking

Goldens are great for families because of their easygoing temperaments kids can usually play with these pups without the worry of startling them or causing aggressive behavior golden retriever

The calm regal cavalier king charles spaniel is a superb family dog their size is manageable and they adore exercise this breed is smart and trainable but lengthy hair means lots of shedding cavalier king charles

Sometimes mistaken for a bulldog the boston terrier is a petite energetic breed their curiosity makes them nosy these lap dogs are ideal for nonshedding owners boston terrier

As with all retrievers this large breed requires adequate exercise with the right amount of activity though this breed may turn into a lap dog at the end of the day labrador retriever

One of the sharpest breeds german shepherds are lifetime family members these dogs are quite obedient if taught basic instructions early on these pets need socialization too german shepherd

Alaskan malamutes are large fluffy dogs that are as ready to go on a run as they are to cuddle they are affectionate and can warm the hearts of their owner any time of the year alaskan malamute

This seriouslooking terrier is the biggest intelligent creatures theyre one of the simplest kinds to train and you can teach them sophisticated amusing skills airedale terrier

Arguably the most wellknown hound beagles are great mediumsized pups theyre inquisitive creatures and can smell all day to their heart s content beagle

This breed is exceptionally friendly and a pleasure to take on walks bearded collies enjoy the outdoors so be sure to give them plenty of time out of the house bearded collie