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The best home workout equipment for every type of exerciser

Treadmills since the reliable treadmill is a mainstay of home workout centers it seems sense that a wide variety of models are available ranging from highly integrated smart treadmills to foldable

Exercise bikes an excellent piece of equipment to have if you want to incorporate lowimpact cardio into your program is a stationary bike the self certified peloton bike is a bit of an indulgence

Rowing machines the combination of cardio and strength training that you get with a rowing machine is undoubtedly effective because of this adding a rower to your home gym is an excellent allaround piece of equipment

Ellipticals another fantastic lowimpact fitness machine is the elliptical particularly if you want to try something more forgiving on your knees than running

Underdesk exercisers you dont have to spend your entire day sitting still to work a desk job unexpectedly highquality cardio equipment is available for use while youre at work ranging

Smart home gyms what is a smart home gym exactly typically this cuttingedge piece of gear has a big mirror or screen that broadcasts workout routines and classes a typical system will provide you with an allinone metrictracking

Dumbbells instead of wasting valuable space on a dumbbell rack choose an adaptable set like this bowflex set that comes highly recommended by experts

Kettlebell similar to bowflexs adjustable dumbbell the selecttech 840 kettlebell keeps things organized with a large range of weight possibilities from 8 to 40 pounds