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The best horses for beginners

The reliable quarter horse quarter horses one of americas most popular breeds are docile and easy to teach its muscle makes it ideal for western and english riding

The sturdy icelandic horse though small the icelandic horse is robust and can handle riders of all sizes tölt and flying pace are their individual gaits traveling long distances is comfortable with the fourbeat tölt gait

The calm haflinger smaller haflingers are ideal for novices who are uncomfortable riding big horses sweet and hardworking these workers are simple to deal with theyre usually quiet and gentle with beginners

The versatile morgan morgan horses are versatile and suited for all riders calm and eager they please morgans are known for their flexibility they excel in dressage english and western pleasure riding

The eyecatching paint with its bright coat the american paint horse is suitable for western and english riding paintings are quiet and simple to ride making them ideal for beginners

The unique appaloosa another breed with spotted coats and striped hooves is the appaloosa these mediumsized horses are tough quiet sociable and easy to teach they fit all skill levels

The adorable welsh pony this sturdy pony type is ideal for kids and little people one of the best horse breeds for novices welsh ponies are kind clever and easy to handle

The dependable missouri fox trotter this breed has a distinctive “fox trot” long rides are comfortable because to the smooth fourbeat gait missouri fox trotters ride trails endurance ranch labor and pole bend