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The best train rides in the usa for seriously gorgeous views

Rockies to the red rocks the rockies to the red rocks is a luxury train trip offered by rocky mountaineer a canadian company it is their first route in the united states and takes passengers on a twoday journey from denver colorado to moab utah learn more arrow

Coast starlight the coast starlight is a train route that runs from los angeles california to seattle washington the trip takes approximately 36 hours and offers passengers a unique way to experience the west coast the route covers 1377 miles and passes through cities like santa barbara learn more arrow

Pacific surfliner the pacific surfliner is a train route that travels along the california coast offering passengers breathtaking ocean views the trip takes approximately 89 hours and covers a 351mile route the journey starts in san diego and meanders up through anaheim learn more arrow

The grand canyon railway the grand canyon railway offers a unique way to experience the grand canyon the trip begins in williams arizona and takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach the epic south rim of the grand canyon learn more arrow

The empire builder the empire builder is a train route that runs between chicago illinois and portland oregon the trip takes approximately 4546 hours and offers passengers an epic journey through various landscapes the route passes through cities like st cloud and minneapolis learn more arrow

The alaska denali star the alaska denali star is a train route that highlights the beautiful and rugged wilderness of alaska the trip takes approximately 12 hours and covers a 350mile stretch from anchorage to fairbanks passengers will have the opportunity to admire the birch forests learn more arrow

Skunk train the skunk train is a historic train that has been operating in mendocino county california since 1885 passengers can choose from a variety of routes and experiences one of the most popular journeys is the wolf tree turn a 16mile route learn more arrow

The great smoky mountains railroad the great smoky mountains railroad offers a scenic train ride in bryson city north carolina the trip takes approximately 35 hours and features stunning views of the great smoky mountains one of the popular routes is the nantahala gorge excursion learn more arrow