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The list of 8 probiotic foods for better health

Yoghurt one popular and commonly consumed probiotic meal that has several health advantages is yoghurt it is produced by fermenting milk with specific bacterial strains such as streptococcus thermophilus

Kefir dairy products fermented is called kefir it is prepared by combining milk with kefir grains which are a blend of yeast and lactic acid bacteria and letting them ferment

Miso an ancient japanese seasoning miso is traditionally created by fermenting soybeans salt and koji a type of fungus during the fermentation process lactic acid bacteria yeast

Kimchi traditional korean cuisine kimchi is created by fermenting a variety of vegetables including korean radishes and napa cabbage with additional ingredients such fish sauce garlic ginger and red pepper flakes

Sauerkraut when salt and finely shredded cabbage ferment together sauerkraut is created naturally existing lactic acid bacteria mostly of the lactobacillus species

Natto a traditional japanese dish prepared from fermented soybeans is called natto probiotics are helpful microorganisms that are present in natto

Fermented pickles cucumbers or other vegetables are soaked in a brine solution including water salt and occasionally spices to create naturally fermented pickles

Kombucha it is a fermented tea beverage green or black and because of its fermentation process and the good bacteria and yeast that it contains it is frequently linked to probiotics