The Top 8 Fruits The Longest-Living Folks On Earth Eat Regularly For Healthy Aging - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Palm tree palm tree the top 8 fruits the longestliving folks on earth eat regularly for healthy aging

Green leaf avocados packed with healthy fats fiber carotenoids and antioxidants avocados make a nutritious addition to your diet

Green leaf bananas rich in potassium and magnesium bananas can aid in promoting restful sleep when consumed before bedtime

Green leaf bitter melons enjoyed regularly in okinawa bitter melons offer hydration and potential benefits in regulating glucose levels

Green leaf lemons with abundant polyphenols lemons are linked to antiaging benefits making them a longevityfriendly fruit

Green leaf papayas high in fiber papayas support gut health regularity and can help alleviate constipation

Green leaf pejivalles peach palms commonly eaten in costa rica pejivalles provide fiber antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals

Green leaf plantains lower in sugar than bananas plantains are rich in vitamin c magnesium potassium and guthealthy fiber

Green leaf tomatoes a source of lycopene tomatoes boast antiinflammatory properties promoting heart health and longevity