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Brush stroke these 10 dog breeds are born to swim

Brush stroke labrador retriever labradors are known for their friendly and outgoing nature making them excellent family pets and companions for water activities they have a dense waterresistant coat that helps them stay warm while swimming in cold water

Brush stroke flatcoated retriever flatcoated retrievers are enthusiastic and energetic dogs with a sleek black or livercolored coat that repels water they are versatile hunters and excel in retrieving both on land and in water

Brush stroke curlycoated retriever curlies are intelligent and independent dogs with a distinctive curly coat that provides protection against harsh weather conditions they are excellent swimmers and have a strong work ethic when it comes to hunting and retrieving

Brush stroke golden retriever golden retrievers are known for their gentle and friendly temperament making them ideal family pets they have a dense waterrepellent coat that comes in shades of gold and is wellsuited for water activities

Brush stroke nova scotia duck tolling retriever tollers are energetic and intelligent dogs with a strong instinct for hunting and retrieving they have a waterrepellent double coat that protects them while working in the field and enjoy swimming and other waterrelated activities

Brush stroke chesapeake bay retriever chessies are loyal and hardworking dogs with a distinctive oily coat that repels water they are excellent swimmers and have a strong retrieving instinct making them valuable hunting companions

Brush stroke american water spaniel american water spaniels are versatile and intelligent dogs with a dense waterresistant coat they are wellsuited for waterfowl hunting and enjoy swimming and retrieving in various water conditions

Brush stroke irish water spaniel irish water spaniels are known for their distinctive curly coat and excellent swimming abilities they have a playful and energetic nature and require regular exercise and mental stimulation

Brush stroke boykin spaniel boykins are friendly and affectionate dogs with a mediumlength waterresistant coat they are excellent swimmers and are often used for hunting waterfowl and retrieving game from the water

Brush stroke spanish water dog spanish water dogs are versatile working dogs with a curly or corded coat that provides protection in water they are skilled swimmers and excel in various water sports and activities