These 4 Exercises Will Improve Your Running, Build Muscle And Strengthen Your Glutes - Martin Baker Orthodontist

These 4 exercises will improve your running build muscle and strengthen your glutes

If youre a runner who is following all the correct procedures to enhance your performance such as warming up properly mixing up your sessions and making sure you eat enough carbohydrates before and after your long runs but you feel as though your progress is stagnating learn more arrow

It may be time to schedule some strength training time into your training schedule starting with your glutes is a great place to start learn more arrow

After youve mastered the fundamental motion try performing the same exercise while on all fours being careful to engage your transverse abdominals to simultaneously engage your core and lower back learn more donkey kick arrow

Lie on your side and bend your knees to that the soles of your feet are in a line with your back in the foetal position bend your lower elbow so that you can rest your head in your hand and place the other hand in front of you for balance learn more clamshells arrow

With your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent lie on your back on a hard surface raise your hips till they are parallel to your shoulders and knees take care not to let your hips droop after 15 seconds of holding still return your hips to the beginning position and repeat learn more glute bridge arrow

With your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground lie on your back ascend your hips gradually to assume a bridge posture stretch out one leg so that it is straight and the thighs are still in line but keep the line from your shoulder to your knee learn more singleleg glute bridge arrow