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These 8 animals should never be kept as pets

Primate species include baboons chimpanzees and capuchins they may be adorable and innocent but they also behave like infants all the time making mess and howling learn more primates arrow

Most large cats that people choose to keep as pets are members of the cougar lion tiger and leopard family they are powerful and to put it mildly hazardous learn more big cats arrow

A single bite from a venomous snake can be fatal and antivenom is not always readily available some cobras have the ability to spit their poison into your eyes learn more venomous snakes arrow

Some people still think of bears as charming cuddly pet teddy bears even though they may weigh over 1500 pounds when fully grown bear cubs are cute but their little size doesnt last long learn more bears arrow

The coati also known as the coatimundi is a member of the raccoon family and is pronounced kowotee these omnivores who are native to south america need a spacious habitat in which to roam learn more coatis arrow

What has sharp teeth sleeps all day and flies all night what also carries sars and rabies bats although they are fascinating and really adorable it is best to enjoy them in the wild learn more bats arrow

Coyotes and wolves are not tamed canines following their gut feelings they hunt when theyre hungry play when they want to and spend the rest of the day sleeping learn more wolves and coyotes arrow

Kinkajous are smaller than its coati cousin weighing only around 7 pounds yet they are nonetheless highly active and have exceptionally keen teeth in addition they are nocturnal animals with a history of aggression learn more kinkajous arrow