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These 8 spicy recipes bound to heat up your kitchen

Spicy szechuan chicken this sichuan classic features tender chicken pieces stirfried in a chili oil sauce with loads of garlic ginger and sichuan peppercorns the sichuan peppercorns are what make this dish special they cause a tingling numbing sensation on the tongue thats unlike any other spice

Thai green curry with shrimp this fragrant and flavorful curry is made with a green curry paste coconut milk vegetables like bell peppers and eggplant and plump shrimp the curry paste is typically made with chilies lemongrass galangal kaffir lime leaves

Korean kimchi jjigae kimchi stew this hearty stew is made with kimchi spicy fermented cabbage pork belly tofu and scallions the kimchi is the star of the show adding its characteristic sour spicy and funky flavor to the stew

Jerk chicken this jamaican dish is made with chicken that is marinated in a fiery jerk spice blend which typically includes scotch bonnet peppers allspice thyme and nutmeg the chicken is then grilled or panfried until cooked through

Vindaloo curry this indian curry is known for its intense heat it is made with a base of red chilies ginger garlic and tomatoes and can be made with chicken lamb or vegetables

Spicy miso ramen this japanese noodle soup is made with a rich miso broth ramen noodles and toppings like pork belly scallions and a softboiled egg the spiciness can be adjusted to your liking by adding more or less chili paste or sriracha

Ethiopian doro wat this ethiopian stew features chicken simmered in a spicy berbere spice blend clarified butter nitter kibbeh and often hardboiled eggs served over injera a spongy flatbread made from teff flour its a flavorful and textural delight

Spicy tom yum soup this thai soup is known for its sour spicy and refreshing flavor it is made with a broth flavored with lemongrass galangal kaffir lime leaves chilies and shrimp paste it is typically served with shrimp mushrooms and scallions