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These are the 8 most beautiful birds in the world

Resplendent quetzal found in the cloud forests of central america the resplendent quetzal is famous for its striking emeraldgreen plumage and long tail feathers

Peacock known for its iridescent blue and green plumage and its extravagant tail adorned with colorful eyespots the peacock is a symbol of beauty and elegance in many cultures

Scarlet macaw with its vibrant red blue and yellow plumage the scarlet macaw is one of the most colorful parrot species found in the rainforests of south america

Victoria crowned pigeon native to new guinea this large pigeon species boasts stunning bluegray plumage a prominent blue crown and striking red eyes

Flamingo known for its long slender neck and vibrant pink plumage flamingos are iconic birds found in various wetland habitats around the world

Golden pheasant originating from china the golden pheasant is admired for its dazzling combination of golden red orange and blue plumage especially in its long tail feathers

Atlantic puffin with its colorful beak and striking black and white plumage the atlantic puffin is often referred to as the clown of the sea and is native to the northern atlantic ocean

Gouldian finch found in australia the gouldian finch is celebrated for its vibrant and diverse plumage colors including red yellow green and black making it a favorite among bird enthusiasts