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These are the 8 worst dog breeds for kids

The weimaraner is gorgeous and brighteyed but not good with kids theyre bred to hunt huge wildlife which may be as big as a kid under 13 learn more weimaraner arrow

Many people think chihuahuas are good for tiny kids because of their size but theyre not small dogs use their lips to defend themselves barking and biting when necessary learn more chihuahua arrow

Although charming and devoted akitas have been bred as guard dogs for years this mating may produce stubborn impulses that may cause issues during playdates learn more akita arrow

Pekingese like chihuahuas use biting and yipping to seem huge and menacing when threatened these habits may be easily triggered prodding poking and tail pulling bother pekingese learn more pekingese arrow

Siberian huskies love rough play and are lively strong dogs may accidentally hurt children even with good intentions due to its independence and stubbornness learn more siberian husky arrow

Alaskan malamutes like many of these dogs like rough play and grow tougher without enough exercise like huskies they are obstinate and hard to teach learn more alaskan malamute arrow

Many respectable shih tzu breeders refuse to sell to homes with little children this species likes to whizz around and get under your feet tripping adults and children if theyre not careful learn more shih tzu arrow

Herders by nature australian shepherds may seek to corral small youngsters or nip at their heels to pull them in order this breed is smart and hard to teach learn more australian shepherd arrow