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These are the strongest birds on earth

Harpy eagles harpy eagles can fly 50 mph due to their unusual build harpy eagles destroy their prey instantaneously by crushing their bones with their talons

Philippine eagles one of the worlds strongest eagle species is the philippine eagle anyone who crosses their path is surprised to learn that they can fly at up to 62 miles per hour

The north african ostriches as a target for various top predators the north african ostrich is equipped with two toes to protect itself their equipment is so strong that a single wellaimed kick is enough to bring down a lion

Emus emu strength comes from their strong legs and deadly kicks which can easily shatter metal fences the first line of defense against predators is these leg kicks

Cassowaries it can jump as high as five feet into the air and swim rather well as well cassowaries are dangerous animals despite not being natural predators they are frequently referred to be the most dangerous birds

Martial eagles the martial eagle sets itself apart from other raptors with a variety of hunting techniques but most often it kills its target in midair by swooping down on it from above at terrifying speeds

Bald eagles bald eagles are common north american birds of prey being the us emblem made it famous for strength and independence the bald eagle was chosen

Lappetfaced vultures one of africas strongest birds the lappetfaced vulture possesses the longest wings the usual body length is 31 to 37 feet and the wingspan is nine feet