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Things christians do that irritate nonchristians

Nonchristians often have different ideas and lifestyles than ardent christians yet certain characteristics of individuals who follow jesus teachings might annoy them especially because jesus didnt behave like some current christians learn more arrow

Speaking of christians as hypocrite highlights a prevalent issue stating one thing and doing another outsiders notice this but many christians say they struggle to meet their own standards learn more hypocrisy arrow

This process known as sanctification doesn t make someone perfect overnight but encourages them to gradually get better at being exactly who they say they are learn more slow road to genuine faith arrow

In practical terms christians are encouraged to close the gap between their ideals and their behaviors by practicing humility and honesty in their communications learn more christian humility and honesty arrow

Young americans believe christians are judgmental nearly 90 of 16 29yearolds see christians and their religion practices this way learn more attitude towards nonchristians arrow

This critical attitude is sometimes seen as selfrighteousness an effort to raise ones morality by disparaging others some individuals may feel good about themselves learn more the problem with demeaning judgments arrow