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Tips for a smooth transition to preschool

Create a routine a regular routine at home will prepare your youngster for preschools structure schedule meals naps and bedtimes to help your youngster learn a routine learn more arrow

Encourage independent skills preschoolers must use the toilet wash their hands and put on their shoes independently encourage your youngster to p ractice these skills at home to boost confidence and independence learn more arrow

Read books about preschool read preschool stories to help your child prepare and calm their anxiety discover ageappropriate books that celebrate preschools joy and learning learn more arrow

Visit the preschool visit the preschool before your child starts if possible they may meet their instructors tour the classrooms and play spaces learn more arrow

Preschool readiness checklist make sure your child has specific skills before preschool to prepare use this preschool preparation checklist learn more arrow

Establish a consistent sleep schedule your childs health and preschool preparedness depend on enough rest maintain a sleep routine to ensure adequate sleep learn more arrow

Create a morning routine morning routines help kids relax and prepare for preschool plan breakfast brushing and dressing together learn more arrow

Label their belongings label your childs backpack lunchbox and clothes to minimize misunderstanding this will help kids recognize and take responsibility for their belongings learn more arrow

Pack a comfort item children take comfort in familiar objects especially during transitions give your youngster a little plush toy or family photo to put in their bag learn more arrow