Tips To Choose The Best Mango From The Market - Vibe Infusion Therapy

Yellow flower banner tips to choose the best mango from the market green flower yellow flower

Yellow flower banner use your eyes and hands to find the largest mango in the pile or use a scale heavier mangoes are usually more mature as mangoes from abroad are often picked early weigh them

Yellow flower banner a mature mango has a substantial rough and hard pit dense pits mean the flesh sticks to them unlike supermarket mangoes with easily cuttable slivers of pits check the pit

Yellow flower banner a ripe mango has an intense sweet fragrance sniff the stem end if it smells sweet it s ripe a piney smell indicates it s still green smell them

Yellow flower banner mature mangoes often have sap near the stem causing dark spots or lines called sap burn this indicates maturity not rot but be cautious if you re sensitive to poison ivy look for sap

Yellow flower banner a ripe mango should give slightly but not have soft spots large blemishes suggest it fell from the tree affecting texture but still edible feel them

Yellow flower banner ripe mangoes have a silky velvety texture with some fiber resistance similar to peaches or apricots if mushy or grainy it was picked too young and forcibly ripened check the texture

Yellow flower banner green mangoes are popular in the tropics for their crisp texture not flavor enjoy them with lime juice fish sauce salt vinegar or chile sauce try them green

Yellow flower banner ripe mangoes taste great with chile sauce or seasoning street vendors often carve mangoes into shapes and season them providing access to superior fruit seasoned mangoes