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Top 10 rarest dog breeds you may not know exist

Otterhound the huge english hunting breed otterhound is friendly and noisy as its name implies the breed was created for otter hunting its rough double coat and webbed feet distinguish it

Bergamasco sheepdog bergamascos are uncommon breeds with distinctive coats its felted appearance comes from three types of hair weaving together ancient bergamasco sheepdogs were born in persias harsh mountain conditions and protected by their coats

Polish lowland sheepdog a renowned polish watchdog the lowland sheepdog is compact vigilant and versatile polski owczarek nizinny is their polish breed name and nickname

Skye terrier the skye terrier is smart brave and friendly graceful and agile this terrier is robust and elegant despite being headstrong the breed is familyoriented they are stronger than they look

Ibizan hound on spains balearic islands rocky shores the ibizan hound was bred as a rabbit courser since ancient times art history students will identify the elongated skull with huge upright ears as an old egyptian theme

Cirneco dell’etna an old athletic hunter the cirneco delletna is a sleek sicilian coursing hound that sprints cirnechi are loyal gentle and lowmaintenance pets fads and fancies have barely affected these vintage dogs in the 21st century

American english coonhound american english coonhounds are laidback off duty but determined to catch raccoons inexperienced owners may find the breeds work ethic energy and patience needed to redirect their loud ringing bark unsuitable house pets

Azawakh the azawakh is a west african sighthound from burkina faso mali and niger this slim hound appears sophisticated but dont be misled this tenacious hunter has been following gazelle across the saharas scorching sands for almost a millennium

Komondor one of the most unusual breeds the komondor is a huge hungarian flock guardian with many white cords from head to tail koms are easily recognizable due to their look

Harrier the harrier a trusted english hunting breed was recognized in 1885 with all the traits of a scenting pack dog they hunt rabbits and hare in packs harriers can labor hard in any terrain due to their massive bones strength and balance