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Top 10 types of milkweed to support monarch butterflies

Common milkweed asclepias syriaca requires full sun its a taller summer bloomer for open spaces that shines with globes of pinkpurple stars on 3 to 5foot tall plants from june through august its range covers 39 states

Swamp milkweed asclepias incarnata prefers shade and moist soil it features striking magenta and white flower balls that bloom from summer through fall this adaptable plant growing in 43 states ranges from 2 to 5 feet

Butterfly weed asclepias tuberosa thrives in sunny welldrained gardens with an even broader range of 41 states its flattopped clusters glow in warm golds and oranges from may through september compact at 1 to 2 feet tall

Whorled milkweed asclepias verticillata prefers dry sunny conditions its finetextured needlelike leaves and pale cream summer flowers lend a refined air to this 2foot by 2foot prairie plant its one of the first types of milkweed to emerge

Purple milkweed asclepias purpurascens prefers partial sun averaging 2 to 3 feet tall and wide it requires consistent watering and loamy soil its rosy magenta blooms are distinct among milkweeds making it a standout in any collection

Sullivant s milkweedprairie milkweed asclepias sullivantii likes full sun it looks like a bouquet of tiny pink columbines growing 2 to 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide it spreads more slowly than common milkweed but is just as lovely

Showy milkweed asclepias speciosa prefers dry arid soils with good drainage reaching up to 3 feet tall its starshaped blooms are stunning and its very drought tolerant its an excellent choice for gardeners in the western and southwestern us

Antelope horn milkweedspider milkweed asclepias asperula prefers sun and sandy or clay soil its southwest native seed heads mimic horns and the plant reaches 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide the floral show lasts from march to october improving each year

Short green milkweed asclepias viridiflora thrives in hot dry conditions its pale green flowers resemble stylized allium and make it an eyecatching addition to gardens its ideal for sandy or gravelly soil growing at 1 foot tall and wide

Poke milkweed asclepias exaltata shadetolerant suitable for shadier gardens featuring drooping clusters of white or purple flowers on 3 to 5foottall plants from may to august its an excellent choice for gardens with more shade than sun