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Top 7 awesome foods to taste in the exumas

Conch salad freshly prepared conch salad is a musttry in the exumas made with diced conch onions peppers tomatoes and citrus juices its a refreshing and flavorful dish

Cracked conch another popular conch dish cracked conch is made by battering and frying conch until golden brown its crispy on the outside and tender on the inside often served with a side of fries or salad

Bahamian rock lobster indulge in the sweet and succulent flavor of bahamian rock lobster commonly grilled or served in a garlic butter sauce its a delicacy that shouldnt be missed

Peas and rice this traditional bahamian dish is a staple in the exumas made with pigeon peas rice onions and spices its hearty flavorful and pairs perfectly with any main course

Grouper fingers fresh grouper is abundant in the waters around the exumas and grouper fingers are a delicious way to enjoy it these bitesized pieces of grouper are breaded and fried to perfection served with a side of dipping sauce

Guava duff for dessert treat yourself to guava duff a sweet and sticky pudding made with guava sugar and dough steamed until tender and served with a warm butter rum sauce its a decadent way to end any meal

Coconut bread savor the tropical flavors of the exumas with coconut bread a moist and flavorful bread made with coconut milk shredded coconut and a hint of vanilla enjoy it toasted with butter for breakfast or as a snack any time of day