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Top 7 caramel chocolate cookies to gain weight

Salted caramel chocolate these delectable cookies with gooey caramel and bits of creamy chocolate are the right blend of sweet and salty guaranteed to make you gain weight

Caramel stuffed double these chocolate biscuits contain a creamy caramel center that pours out with every mouthful making them appealing for weight gain

Toffee caramel chocolate add crispy toffee chunks and chewy caramel pieces to chocolate chip cookies for a delicious blend of tastes and textures

Caramel macchiato these rich carameland espressoinfused cookies are the ideal way to indulge in the tastes of your favorite coffee shop beverage they go well with rich chocolate and make a satisfying highcalorie snack

Dark chocolate caramel these cookies with dark chocolate gooey caramel and sea salt will satisfy your sweet and salty desires and help you gain weight

Caramel chocolate pecan pecans and caramel add nuttiness to cookies making them excellent for indulging and gaining weight

Caramel fudge brownie these fudgy brownie cookies with caramel swirls are the ultimate luxury that will help you gain weight