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Top 7 stress relieving foods

Matcha powder because it contains a high concentration of ltheanine a nonprotein amino acid with potent stressrelieving qualities this colorful green tea powder is wellliked by health enthusiasts

Swiss chard a leafy green food that is rich in nutrients that reduce stress is swiss chard a mere cup 175 grams of cooked swiss chard provides 36 of the required daily intake of magnesium

Sweet potatoes consuming full nutrientdense carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes may help reduce cortisol levels which are a sign of stress 11trusted source

Kimchi the two main ingredients of kimchi a fermented vegetable dish are napa cabbage and daikon a kind of radish fermented foods such as kimchi are rich in vitamins minerals and antioxidants

Artichokes a particularly rich source of prebiotics a kind of fiber that nourishes the good bacteria in your stomach artichokes are an exceptionally concentrated supply of fiber

Organ meats organ meats—the heart liver and kidneys of cattle and poultry for example—are a great source of b vitamins including b12 b6 riboflavin and folate which are critical for managing stress

Eggs because of their exceptional nutritious profile eggs are frequently referred to as natures multivitamin the vitamins minerals amino acids and antioxidants that are necessary for a normal stress response are abundant in whole eggs