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Top 8 low maintenance houseplants lined circle

Lined circle snake plant thrives in low light and requires minimal watering making it perfect for forgetful owners

Lined circle zz plant tolerant of low light and irregular watering this plant is practically indestructible

Lined circle pothos known for its trailing vines and airpurifying qualities pothos can survive in various light conditions

Lined circle spider plant resilient and adaptable spider plants thrive in indirect sunlight and can withstand occasional neglect

Lined circle peace lily with beautiful white flowers and a preference for low light peace lilies are forgiving and easy to care for

Lined circle succulents droughttolerant and available in various shapes and sizes succulents are ideal for busy individuals

Lined circle chinese evergreen this sturdy plant can tolerate low light and irregular watering making it a popular choice for beginners

Lined circle cast iron plant aptly named for its toughness the cast iron plant thrives in low light and neglect making it perfect for those with busy schedules