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Top 8 medicine ball exercises for explosiveness

Medicine ball burpee squat thrust according to certified personal trainer and holistic body coach gina newton cpt this exercise works your glutes quads core and upper body learn more arrow

Kneeling medicine ball slam kneeling medication ball slams are a fantastic workout for strengthening your cores rotational strength this ability is necessary for daily functioning motions learn more arrow

Bentover medicine ball row bentover medicine ball rows according to newton are the best option since they target your arms upper back and chest while also subtly toning your glutes and legs learn more arrow

Lunge with medicine ball pass athletes can improve their dexterity and proprioception—the ability to perceive the position motion and activity of their body parts—by using this exercise learn more arrow

Medicine ball bicycle twist the balls weight puts more strain on your core which helps to contract your abs learn more arrow

Romanian deadlift with medicine ball the deadlift is an excellent compound move because it strengthens your muscles at several different joints learn more arrow

Deadlift with medicine ball by placing the ball on the ground in between repetitions you begin at a complete stop and must build up your strength and speed from the ground without the benefit of momentum learn more arrow

High knee with medicine ball because it works the core and is cardiofriendly i adore this routine newton explains it also strengthens the hamstrings glutes and quadriceps learn more arrow