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Top 8 promising foods for your post workout meal

Sweet potatoes are a great option for refueling glycogen stores and maintaining energy levels after exercise these root vegetables which are rich in complex carbs fiber and other vitamins learn more sweet potatoes arrow

Greek yogurt is a very flexible food that provides a powerful blend of vital amino acids probiotics and protein for your postworkout meal learn more greek yogurt arrow

Salmon is a nutritional powerhouse especially after exercise rich in omega3 fatty acids and premium protein its a great option for muscle repair learn more salmon fish arrow

Because it contains all of the important amino acids required for muscular growth and recuperation quinoa stands out as a complete protein source learn more quinoa arrow

Chicken breast wellknown for its high lean protein content and plenty of vital amino acids is a mainstay in the nutrition that follows a workout learn more chicken arrow

Nutritious and abundant in highquality protein vitamins and minerals eggs are a superfood while the variety of vitamins and minerals promotes general health and speeds up the healing process after exercise learn more eggs arrow

Strawberries blackberries and blueberries are just a few of the berries that are rich in natural sugars vitamins and antioxidants learn more berries arrow

Cottage cheese is a slowdigesting protein source that is perfect for continuous muscle protein synthesis because it is high in casein protein and necessary amino acids learn more cottage cheese arrow