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Top 8 songs you didn t know were written by elton john

I m still standing with its charismatic feel and uplifting message im still standing quickly became a favorite anthem for those facing personal struggles its iconic music video which received significant airplay on mtv

Saturday night s alright for fighting this energetic track blends influences from early rock and roll with bernie taupins storytelling inspired by his upbringing in britain its strong guitar riffs and rockbased vocals make it one of eltons most performed and wellknown songs

Bennie and the jets featuring one of the most recognizable piano arrangements of all time bennie and the jets captivates listeners with its appealing melodies and futuristic rock and roll vibe despite eltons initial reservations about its release

Crocodile rock eltons first us number one single crocodile rock invokes feelings of nostalgia with its fun poprock sound inspired by the music of the 50s and 60s it quickly became a charttopping hit and a beloved fan favorite

Goodbye yellow brick road both the title track of eltons acclaimed album and a poignant piano ballad goodbye yellow brick road resonates with its emotional message and impressive vocal performance its nod to the wizard of oz

Rocket man with its spacelike synthesized instrumentals and inspired lyrics rocket man became one of eltons biggest hits its popularity even led to the nickname rocketman for elton himself and it remains a fan favorite to this day with numerous covers by other artists

Tiny dancer despite its initial lengthiness tiny dancer became one of eltons greatest hits known for its storytelling melodic tones and catchy chorus its inclusion in the film almost famous introduced it to a new generation of fans

Your song a timeless classic and the track that launched eltons career your song is widely regarded as one of the greatest love songs of all time its simplicity sweet lyrics and melodic rhythm have inspired countless covers and collaborations