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Top ten ice cream flavors

Vanilla vanilla ice cream is americas favorite because its simple and goes with everything vanilla has long been the bestselling ice cream flavor because it is creamy and tasty and enhances many other desserts and delights

Chocolate chocolate is popular since its versatile like vanilla unlike vanilla it comes in chocolate chunk fudge swirl and mudslide because it can be rich or light chocolate ice cream is also popular it can be eaten alone or in a sundae

Cookies cream cookies cream is a novel vanilla ice cream featuring cookie bits so customers may eat a lot without becoming bored this ice cream works well in waffle cones and sandwiches make your own with this waffle cone mix and maker

Mint chocolate chip this minty ice cream is popular since its unique sweet chocolate pieces make it light and refreshing the flavors balance each other to avoid richness or tartness

Chocolate chip cookie dough another creative vanilla ice cream it blends vanilla ice cream with cookies americas favorite warm treat its the perfect combo of two treats your consumers enjoy serve it in cowabunga black ice cream cups

Buttered pecan buttered pecan is a southern classic for good reason its the ideal dessert the crisp pecans complement the creamy ice cream its saltiness balances the sweetness making it a fan favorite

Birthday cake many like this not just on birthdays rich buttercream icing sprinkles and cake pieces are included also the colorful sprinkles and frosting make it popular use these colorful forks to consume it

Strawberry this classic fruitbased ice cream tastes fantastic alone or in a banana split sweet and creamy with strawberry bits this ice cream is great for treats

Moose tracks this tasty dessert has several bits vanilla ice cream peanut butter cups and fudge vanilla ice cream gets a fresh look its excellent without a sundae—its got enough going on

Neopolitan the final ice cream contains vanilla chocolate and strawberry the perfect blend of three sweets every scoop of this frozen delicacy may include all three tastes making it enjoyable for banana splits