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We ordered 6 fastfood breakfast sandwiches to find the best one

Dunkin wakeup wrap sausage egg and cheese this wrap matched the morning need for something light and refreshing the firm tortilla had a flour coating that surprised me and was insipid

Wendy s sausage egg swiss croissant this is a good sandwich it is greasy as you would both want and expect a buttery bread to be but not as heavy as some of the biscuit options

Mcdonald s egg mcmuffin nostalgia and familiarity aside what the egg mcmuffin has going for it is the weird somewhat fluffy always overdone egg circle

Burger kings sausage egg and cheese biscuit burger king is always a wild card but excellent it was not too full for a biscuit sandwich so i didnt need to sleep afterward

White castles belgian waffle sausage slider great sandwich so delicious not a white castle fan but i typically connect it with onions so this sweet and salty delicacy was surprising

Chickfilas sausage egg and cheese biscuit this is the most substantial sandwich on the list and all pieces are fantastic the biscuit is thick and filling enough to eat alone the egg is light and the sausage is good but not spicy