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What to know about starting your baby at daycare

Baby centerbased daycare is used by 32 of us parents who need regular child care most infant daycare facilities accept kids 6 weeks or older although many parents wait until their newborns are older learn more arrow

When babies can start daycare choosing whether to enroll your child in childcare depends on several issues beyond the centers regulations including learn more arrow

Types of daycare for infants other childcare providers may take newborns younger than 6 weeks unlike child care facilities which only accept groups of children learn more arrow

Child care centers infants and children are commonly grouped by age in child care centers learn more arrow

Inhome daycare inhome daycares are group infant care like child care facilities they will be cared for at the providers house which may be less regimented than a child care establishment learn more arrow

Nannies they can live with you or visit everyday or as needed a nanny may provide your child extra oneonone time and customized activities learn more arrow

When to start searching for infant daycare childcare facilities require the most advance time since they can only take so many newborns good child care centers have waiting lists and fill up rapidly learn more arrow

What to look for with daycare for infants clean and safe environments are essential for babies exploring the world the naeyc advises one adult for every four babies in a group of no more than eight learn more arrow

Importance of caregiver bonding for babies under 18 caregiver connection is crucial at this point continuity of care is most crucial after safety and basic necessities learn more arrow