Which After-School Activity Is Best For My Child? - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Which afterschool activity is best for my child

Arrow rugby rugby has complicated rules and tactics therefore we recommend it for energetic physically active and learningoriented kids

Arrow basketball teamwork communication fair play and selfconfidence are taught in basketball children who prefer competitiveness mental agility and athletic sports should try it

Arrow football soccer football develops team spirit dedication fair play and fitness like the other two

Arrow tennis tennis is intellectually and physically demanding precision patience coordination and focus are needed

Arrow athletics multidisciplinary athletics encourages respect fair play persistence and discipline

Arrow dance classic modern contemporary—this discipline has many options in general dancing teaches discipline coordination collaboration and emotion

Arrow horse riding horseback riding develops balance focus empathy for animals responsibility and discipline

Arrow fencing each olympic games brings new admirers to this sport fencing improves reflexes coordination agility respect discipline and selfconfidence

Arrow judo judo teaches kids respect humility discipline and selfcontrol they learn to know their body and use their strength