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You havent lived until youve tried these 7 filipino recipes

Adobo succulent meat chicken or pork is simmered in a savory broth of soy sauce vinegar garlic peppercorns and bay leaves resulting in a dish thats both comforting and flavorful

Sisig this sizzling dish features chopped pork face and ears seasoned with chilies onions and calamansi all served on a hot plate for a truly unforgettable experience

Karekare indulge in the creamy goodness of karekare oxtail and vegetables are simmered in a rich peanut sauce creating a dish thats both hearty and deeply flavorful

Pancit these stirfried noodles come in various styles featuring chicken pork seafood and vegetables

Halohalo shaved ice is layered with sweetened beans fruits jellies leche flan and topped with a scoop of ice cream creating a refreshing and colorful symphony of textures and tastes

Leche flan indulge in the smooth and silky leche flan this rich custard dessert is made with eggs milk and sugar and caramelized for a touch of sweetness

Ube halaya this purple yam jam is a filipino favorite enjoyed on its own used as a filling for pastries or even incorporated into ice cream its unique sweetness and vibrant color make it a truly delightful treat